…we will one day venture to the stars


Announcing BLOSSOM by Christoffer Hedborg & Dominik Johann, out July 25 with episode 2 of Super Game Jam! Take care of your dying home planet, find mysterious seeds and explore the galaxies.

Grab Super Game Jam on Steam and watch how we made the game in 48 hours.



New game announced by the creators of Limbo looks like it will be a stunning piece of visual narrative - video embedded below:

Since the release of LIMBO in 2010, Playdead has been working very hard on their next game, INSIDE. Expect INSIDE in the first half of 2015, debuting on Xbox.

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Terrence Malick’s Badlands Conceptual Illustrated Posters



Halt and Catch Fire titles by Elastic on Art of the Title. These are jaw-droppingly good—like “holy fuck” good

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